The Commissioner is presenting two measures that would not only improve the lives of county employees but also their protections. His first item on the agenda is a request to conduct a countywide salary compensation study to help determine what it will take to increase the minimum wage to $15 dollars per hour. The second, having the Harris County HR team conduct a review of all employee materials to ensure full and comprehensive compliance with Title VII laws, and implementing an annual training requirement for all employees regardless of their tenure with the county.

“This is about respect and fair treatment of employees. I believe every employee should have basic rights and should be reassured that they will be protected from being harassed or discriminated, and should be able to earn a livable wage without having to beg for it. This is an important first step and it would impact hardworking families who are struggling to make ends meet,” Said Commissioner Adrian Garcia

The compensation study will inform the county of the budgetary impact that could result from compensating employees a minimum starting salary of $15 an hour. The Commissioner Garcia hopes the court votes to approve the compensation study and have the minimum wage increase come up for vote during the February Commissioner's Court. He also hopes to identify employees who have not had raises in years.

“We all deserve a livable wage and our employees work hard to support our county in every aspect you can think of. They deserve a wage that allows them to better support their families,” said Commissioner Adrian Garcia

If approved, this would be the first countywide minimum wage increase.

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